Northwest Basin and Range Ecosystem Symposium

Meeting Date: 2/15/2017 - 2/16/2017
Photo of a hiker in a canyon

Promoting collaborative and inclusive landscape-scale conservation in a changing environment

The Northwest Basin and Range Synthesis invites locals, scientists, managers, and the public to gather in Lakeview, Oregon for the 2017 Northwest Basin and Range Ecosystem Symposium. The event will include “state of the knowledge” presentations, and discussions on topics chosen by the NWBR Synthesis’s Steering Committee. On the first evening of the Symposium there will be a poster session, a series of brief presentations, and a keynote. 

Symposium Agenda

  • Panel #1: Wildlife Habitat Connectivity in the NW Basin and Range (Panelists: Phillip Street, UNR, Gail Collins, USFWS, Dr. John Tull, NDOW)
  • Panel #2: State of the Knowledge Around Changing Patterns of Water Availability on the Landscape (Panelists: Dr. Jason Dunham, USGS, Dr. Hank Johnson, USGS, Justin Ferrel, Lake County SWCD, Nicole Sullivan, TU, and others TBA) Discussion: Challenges and Opportunities of Natural Resource Management at the Landscape Scale
  • Panel #3: Sage-Steppe Habitat Management (Panelists: Dr. Chad Boyd, OSU-ARS, Jeremy Austin, ONDA, and others TBA)
  • Panel #4: Juniper, Weeds and Seeds: Terrestrial Habitat Restoration in the NW Basin and Range (Panelists: Dr. Kirk Davies, OSU-ARS, Grace Haskins, Lakeview BLM, Lindsay Davies, Burns BLM, and others TBA)
  • Ignite Session: A series of brief presentations about regional scientific research, findings from projects, regional collaborations and initiatives
  • Poster Session: Abstract submissions due by December 15, 2016, more details here.
  • BBQ, Refreshments and Keynote: TBA

Questions? Contact Levi Old,

Location: Lakeview, OR