Restoring and Conserving Great Basin Ecosystems Field Tour (Tour 1: Riparian Ecosystems)

Meeting Date: 7/11/2017

8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Join the first of two field tours happening in Austin, NV! This first tour focuses on watersheds, riparian ecosystems and meadows. Jeanne Chambers (USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station), Jerry Miller (Western Carolina University) and Peter Weisberg (University of Nevada, Reno) will lead the tours. 

This tour will revisit long-term research sites and discuss the geomorphic and hydrologic controls on these ecosystems and their influence on vegetation dynamics. The tour leads will discuss a new collaborative effort that builds on their existing work to develop a multi-scale resilience-based framework for restoring and conserving Great Basin wet meadows and riparian ecosystems. Participants will discuss management strategies for watersheds and meadows with differing levels of resilience.

The second tour takes place on July 12 and will discuss sagebrush ecosystems: pinyon and juniper expansion, cheatgrass invasion, and fire. 

You can find detailed information and a tentative agenda online. Questions? Contact Jeanne Chambers at or 775-224-1854. 

Location: Austin, NV

Theme: Plants, Water