LCC Network

The Great Basin is one of 22 LCCs in the LCC Network. With the signing of Secretarial Order No. 3289 the Department of the Interior launched the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs) to better integrate science and management to address climate change and other landscape scale issues. By building a network that is holistic, collaborative, adaptive, and grounded in science, LCCs are working to ensure the sustainability of our economy, land, water, wildlife, and cultural resources.

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Neighboring LCCs

The North Pacific LCC promotes development, coordination and dissemination of science to inform landscape level conservation and sustainable resource management in the face of a changing climate and related stressors.

The California LCC is a management-science partnership created to inform and promote integrated science, natural resource management and conservation to address impacts of climate change and other stressors within and across ecosystems.

The Desert LCC encompasses portions of five states: California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, as well as a substantial portion of Northern Mexico.

The Southern Rockies LCC is committed to supporting on-the-ground conservation efforts through applied science for resource management decision makers.

The Great Northern LCC partnership is network of U.S. federal, Canadian provincial and federal, Tribal Nations, state, academic, and conservation organizations. Working to achieve a collective landscape vision, the partnership implements a regional approach to address conservation issues across boundaries and jurisdictions by sharing data, science and capacity.