A Multi-Scale Resilience-Based Framework For Restoring and Conserving Great Basin Wet Meadows and Riparian Ecosystems

This project will develop a strategic approach for conservation of wet meadows and riparian ecosystems and the species they support that focuses on threats caused by natural and anthropogenic disturbance. It uses geospatial and other information on (1) the factors affecting wet meadow and riparian ecosystem resilience to both natural and human-caused disturbances at the scale of the watershed and meadow or riparian ecosystem, and (2) the distributions and population abundances of at risk species to determine focal areas for management. Decision matrices will be developed based on the characteristics of watersheds, wet meadows and riparian areas allowing managers to (1) evaluate their relative resilience to disturbance and capacity to support at risk species and (2) determine appropriate management strategies. A process for rapidly assessing meadow ecosystem resilience will be developed, and the approach shared with managers through field tours and workshops.

Theme: Water

Project start date:

Fiscal year funded: 2016

Project status: Active

Project managers: Jeanne Chambers, Rocky Mountain Research Station - Reno (Lead); Jerry Miller, Western Carolina University; Peter Weisberg, University of Nevada, Reno; Keirith Snyder, Agricultural Research Service; Rosemary Carroll, Desert Research Institute