An Assessment of Climate Monitoring for Land Management Applications in the Great Basin

Photo of a weather monitoring station in the Great Basin

Project Overview

Recent drought, change agents and the spectrum of greater management needs have highlighted the relative dearth of in situ weather and climate measurement stations in the Great Basin. Thus, interest has grown in supplementing or initiating atmospheric and hydrologic measurements.

The purpose of this project was:

  • To review the existing station networks in the context of management needs by providing examples of how climate observation gaps can be assessed
  • Provide some guidelines for the placement of new or augmented stations.

This project was funded as a target of opportunity.

Project Documents

Theme: Climate Change

Project start date: 1/1/2014

Fiscal year funded: 2014

Project status: Complete

Project managers: Timothy Brown, David Simeral, Dan McEvoy, Charles Morton, Kelly Redmond, Greg McCurdy