Building Tribal Capacity for Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment

This project will address limited tribal capacity for vulnerability assessment by providing guidance and data tailored to the needs and capacities of Northwest and Great Basin tribes. Specifically, the project will: 1) Make the vulnerability assessment process more accessible to tribal staff by providing online guidance materials targeted to tribal needs and capacities; 2) Address the demand for climate data at the scale of tribal decision-making by providing downscaled climate data and climate change summaries for tribes; and 3) Support tribal staff through the vulnerability assessment process via workshops and a webinar to provide training on the use of project resources and datasets, and by staffing a Tribal Climate Technical Support Desk to provide rapid response to relevant queries. These objectives will be accomplished in consultation with an advisory group consisting of representatives from regional tribes and tribal organizations. The team will also work with existing tribal knowledge-sharing networks to connect project products and training opportunities to a broad range of tribal communities. Together, these activities will promote the ability of tribal communities to respond to climate-related threats, enhancing tribal and regional resilience to change.

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Theme: Cultural Resources

Project start date:

Fiscal year funded: 2016

Project status: Active

Project managers: Meade Krosby, University of Washington (Lead)