Climate Change Adaptation Training for Tribes

Photo of attendees from a climate adaptation training

Project Overview

This project will conduct two, 3-day workshops on climate change adaptation planning for up to 44 tribal members from the Great Basin.

The trainings will:

  • Provide participants with an introduction to the adaptation planning process.
  • Deliver templates, resource lists and other material that the tribes can use in developing an adaptation plan.
  • Target tribal environmental and natural resource professionals in the Great Basin region (maximum of 22 participants per training).
  • Be a mix of presentations, small- and large-group discussions, a field trip and other activities.
  • Be lead by staff from the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals, GBLCC, tribes, and other agencies or organizations.

This is a target of opportunity project

Project Documents

Theme: Cultural Resources, Socioeconomic

Project start date:

Fiscal year funded: 2014

Project status: Active

Project managers: Sue Wotkyns, Institute of Tribal Environmental Professionals