Scenario Planning in the Great Basin Region

Highway leading toward mountains in the Great Basin

Project Overview

For federal, state, tribal and private land managers in Nevada, considering climate change in their resource management plans is both a challenging and pressing concern. It is challenging because of the inherent uncertainty surrounding the effects of climate change on hydrological, ecological and climatological systems in the Great Basin. The Great Basin Region, which covers much of Nevada, and portions of California, Oregon, Idaho, and Utah, managers are already confronting a changing climate and are beginning to make management decisions despite uncertainty in how climate change effects will manifest in the region. To support decision making, the Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Regional Integrated Science Assessment Program (RISA) funded this project to explore how two scenario planning approaches might be used effectively with existing management planning processes and data sources and how to begin prioritizing adaptation strategies. The two approaches used in this project are Adaptation for Conservation Targets (ACT) and Strategic Scenario Planning (SSP).

This project was funded as a target of opportunity.

Project Documents

Theme: Climate Change

Project start date:

Fiscal year funded: 2014

Project status: Active

Project managers: Tamara Wall, Desert Research Institute