Strategic High-resolution Wetland Mapping in Sage-grouse Biologically Significant Areas of Nevada

Map showing Nevada Wetland Index Status map, showing new data from 2015 and 2016.

Project Overview

This effort is a direct result of the GBLCC led Central Basin & Range Rapid Ecoregional Assessment Challenges and Opportunities Report (draft), which identified a paucity of available wetland and springs data layers for the CBR REA area.

This project will provide wetland mapping at high resolution (1:24,000) for 13 Million acres of sage-grouse Biologically Significant Areas (BSAs) within Nevada. This project is funded as a target of opportunity.

View a presentation by Elaine Blok about this project.

Photo of wetland.

Theme: Water

Project start date:

Fiscal year funded: 2014

Project status: Active

Project managers: Elaine Blok, National Wetlands Inventory