Understanding the causes and consequences of cheatgrass die-offs in the Great Basin

Project Overview

Cheatgrass die-offs are unexplained instances of stand failure observed in areas of Nevada and Utah, where cheatgrass fails to grow even though it has been a dominant component of plant communities in the past.

This project:

  • Provides information on the size and extent of historic (1985 – 2012) die-offs in the Winnemucca area using satellite imagery.
  • Determines if die-offs are restoration opportunities by planting and monitoring local and commercially available native grasses in die-off areas.
  • Develops predictive spatial models of die-off from analysis of satellite imagery and GIS models.

Project Documents


    Theme: Climate Change, Plants

    Project start date: 5/1/2013

    Fiscal year funded: 2013

    Project status: Complete

    Project managers: Dr. Elizabeth Leger, University of Nevada Reno