Success Stories

The Great Basin LCC supports landscape-scale conservation, promotes science and enables management based on traditional knowledge and science so human and ecological communities can respond and adapt to climate and land use change. We work collaboratively to help identify best practices, connect efforts and develop solutions for the most vexing conservation challenges across the Great Basin.

The stories featured on this page highlight successful efforts supported by the Great Basin LCC.

  • The Herd, The Bird and The Scientist

    The sagebrush-dominated landscapes of the Great Basin are not only scenic, they are also working lands that support a vibrant ranching economy. Today’s ranchers carry on a time-honored … more

  • Mapping Wetlands in the Great Basin

    “Despite encompassing less than 2 percent of land area, wetlands are keystone features that structure populations, as evidenced by more than 80 percent of [sage-grouse] breeding … more

  • Tackling Invasive Weeds

    “The sagebrush ecosystem is the fiber, the fabric, and the heritage of a vast swath of our country, and it’s in a fight for its life.” Statement by Noreen Walsh, Fish and … more

  • Predicting the Future of Sagebrush

    Dr. Bryce Richardson of the USDA Forest Service knows that successful sagebrush restoration requires the proper knowledge, tools and technology. He saw a need for a model that could better predict … more

  • Finding Opportunity in Death

    The harmful impacts and effects of cheatgrass in the Great Basin are no secret. It is extremely challenging to restore native plant communities to areas dominated by cheatgrass, the Great Basin& … more