Help Implement the Actionable Science Plan!


We want to hear from you! The Great Basin Consortium, a group of several organizations (Great Basin LCC included), wants your ideas on the how to best implement the Actionable Science Plan (ASP). The ASP identified 37 priority science needs for the sagebrush ecosystem. In 2017 the Great Basin Consortium brought together scientists, managers and other stakeholders to brainstorm how to implement the ASP in the immediate future and beyond. Now, the Great Basin Consortium wants a broader perspective, and invites you to submit your ideas through our online review website! We want your feedback in one or more of the five categories:

  • Fire
  • Invasive species
  • Restoration
  • Sagebrush and sage-grouse
  • Climate and weather science 

Find your area of expertise or interest and submit your comments by the end of the month! We will incorporate your feedback into the overall 2017 meeting summary which will inform fire management, natural resource managers and researchers working to protect, conserve and restore sagebrush ecosystems.

Submit your thoughts at: