New LANDFIRE Guide Helps Land Managers Apply Geospatial Data to Local Areas


LANDFIRE is a multi-partner program that compiles consistent, comprehensive and best-available geospatial data for conservation leaders and managers. By using this program, land managers can identify vegetation, fuel and fire patterns across the United States and island areas. LANDFIRE strives to make the data and science easily available, in turn making conservation efforts smarter and more efficient.

What you can find:

Interested in using the program? The data, relevant reports, videos, maps, decision making tools and more are available on the LANDFIRE website at Fire and natural resource managers, carbon and climate change research scientists, and private sector users and teachers will find resources and products to help support cross-boundary planning and operations. LANDFIRE encourages users to critique and modify the data sets as needed for local application.  

A guide through the LANDFIRE:

A new guide, Modifying LANDFIRE Geospatial Data for Local Applications, provides an easy-to-understand introduction to each of the LANDFIRE products. The guide explains where and how to look for common problems with the data and offers guidance on how to complete common modification tasks. It is an excellent resource for anyone working with LANDFIRE data, but will be especially helpful to users who need to refine the data for local application.

View the guide and visit LANDFIRE today!