What We Do

The Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) brings together researchers, planners and managers to develop solutions for the most vexing problems in natural and cultural resource landscape-scale conservation. We do this by:

  • Working across political and organizational boundaries to create opportunities for collaboration on important conservation issues.
  • Developing science-based information and tools for managers.
  • Helping partners to integrate traditional knowledge into their plans and strategies.
  • Building synergy among public and private conservation programs by providing a forum where partners can coordinate their activities.

Our Vision

Great Basin landscapes that sustain natural and cultural resources now and in the future.

Our Mission

The Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative supports landscape-scale conservation, promotes science, and enables management based on traditional knowledge and science so human and ecological communities can respond and adapt to climate and land use change.


  • Great Basin communities develop mutually agreed upon landscape-scale conservation strategies and deliver conservation actions guided by those strategies. 
  • The Great Basin is more resilient to climate change and other landscape-scale stressors because of increased collaboration, optimized conservation investments and efforts aligned to a common vision.
  • Traditional knowledge and contemporary science are shared and/or integrated, as appropriate, to further Great Basin conservation priorities and land stewardship.
  • Communication and understanding about science, management and cultural resources are enhanced and this information is accessible and discoverable by the broader conservation community.